Things to see and do in Playa del Carmen

Rappelling into a cenote at Jungle Maya

The only thing we found we were lacking in Mexico’s Riviera Maya was time. You can visit Mayan Ruins, zip line through the Jungle, dine at a world-class restaurant and explore a thriving downtown nightlife scene all within the same day. Even after doing all these things, we had only just begun to uncover all […]

Catalina Island


By Nicole Rodriguez: Walking down a gangway is always exciting, whether you’re off to vacation in the Caribbean, Capri, or, in my case, Catalina Island. Catalina is not fancy, it’s innocent-and that’s what makes it special. And getting there is half the fun! The boat ride takes less than 90 minutes from each of three […]

Patagonia, Chile


By Lisa Tucker McElroy: Two days into our luxury rafting trip, I’m sitting on a giant rock, looking out at a mountain called the Three Nuns. I’m a little confused, so I ask my Chilean guide, “Are you sure it’s three? I see about seven peaks.” As he’s been doing all week, though, the guide […]

Living in a Jail Cell, Tobogganing down a Mountain in Lucerne: Part 1


By Ben Brown The Steamboat’s horn blasts, turning a thousand heads toward the lake—not that they weren’t looking anyway. Benches line the shore, shaded by a perfect row of trees. Every seat has the best view. Pedestrians and joggers pass before diners on seaside patios; others picnic right there on the docks, as swans preen […]