Gotta love our Johnny! Newly married and honeymooning in Seoul, South Korea, he was able to snap this gem for this week’s contest. May the best caption win!

What you’ll win: Last week, we posted about the Silver September giveaway by our friends at  the Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites. In honor of their 25th anniversary, they’ve given us a $250 gift card (good at any Fairfield Inn in the country) to give away to our wittiest contestant.

How: Leave the caption in the comment section below. Include your name and an email address. All official contest rules apply. Contestants must either subscribe to Johnny’s newsletter or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

When: The last day/time to enter will be on Monday, October 1st at 6pm PT. The winner will be announced Wednesday, October 3rd and be contacted by a representative.

More about Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott: Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott is designed for today’s traveler who is looking to be productive on the road, whether for business or leisure. In addition to free breakfast and high-speed Internet access, the inn offers thoughtfully designed rooms and suites that provide separate living, working and sleeping areas. The hotel also participates in the award-winning Marriott Rewards frequent travel program that allows members to earn hotel points or airline miles for every dollar spent during each stay. When it comes to comfort and affordability, Fairfield Inn & Suites is pretty hard to beat!


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62 Comments On "9/25 Caption It and Win $250 Gift Card for Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott"
    1. Judy Sample|

      Mary Poppins downgraded her travel plans !

    2. Laura Scatchell|

      Some things just defy imagination!

    3. francine pinoni|

      Just try and stay out of my way. Just try! I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!

  1. Doris|

    I hope it doesn’t get windy!

  2. Jason Swaye|

    Wind biking!!

  3. Rehema Stephens|

    Traveling can be tricky business, but somebody’s gotta do it!

  4. Amy Moore|

    Maybe dressing like all three of my favorite movies was a little much. (ET, Mary Poppins and Outbreak)

  5. Alyssa madden|


  6. Nicole McFarland|

    Go-Go gadget umbrella!

  7. Holly|

    smelly smelly traffic

  8. Marcy Schackne|

    Gloves so I don’t touch any germs … check; mask so I don’t breath and germs … check; long sleeves and an umbrella so I don’t get hit by any sun flares … check; clown bike so I can get flattened by an oncoming semi … check. Living in paradise!

  9. Deb McDonald|

    Damn, it’s my turn to pick up the kids at daycare!

  10. Dawn Sohn|

    I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too.

  11. jacqueline black|

    Just another day in Who-Ville~~

  12. hemanth bangalore|

    It can’t be more greener than this….

  13. MadlynFinger (@MadlynF)|

    ET me want to go home……

  14. Simon|

    Jessica was all about being able to fold things away, yet on every commute she would long for invention that allowed her to fold herself away for a much needed vacation. That and less rain.

  15. Tanya Bachand|

    A fool-proof way to keep the bugs from hitting your grill.

  16. D.Sousa|

    I heard it’s raining men at the rectal exam clinc….better hury!!

  17. Aaron Horn|

    Baby pedal to four o’clock. Baby pedal to four o’clock. – “What About Bong-Cha”

  18. Cecelia Harmeyer|

    Clown car in the shop!

  19. Adam shaw|

    Michael Jackson’s kid goes for a spin!

  20. Ann|

    Darn you E L James…… My boyfriend clearly didn’t get the part of leaving the toys in the red room of pain!

  21. Kim Button|

    Sure, the toxic air will kill me, but I’m more concerned with those tiny raindrops falling from the sky…..

  22. Dana Fleshman|

    Seriously, mask, gloves, umbrella, all she needed was a remote control to guide her.

  23. Gee K.|

    The Asian standard for sun protection.

  24. Jonathan Z|

    Small apartment for rent right in downtown with plenty of shade, air purifier, exercise equipment and a live in nanny. Easy commute to work. Perfect for someone seeking a mobile lifestyle. No pets.

  25. Pete Wallace (@DrivenByPete)|

    Now that the Twilight trilogy had concluded, the young actress frantically pedaled across town on news that they were shooting a prequel trilogy as well. She was confident her alabaster skin would not only earn her a role but also keep her out of the make-up chair.

  26. Ana Maria DeLuca|

    smog here I come

  27. Kerwin|

    I know What I’m going to do today!

  28. Yurie|

    On the way to an audition for an anti-pollution movie, “E.T. Poppins”.

  29. Martin Howard|

    21st Century Mary Poppins

  30. Marcia Metzger|

    .Me no stick round to catch Bird fuwenza!
    Birdz of fea- da fwock to-ge-da!
    so me protected! Bird dwoppings!……Bird fwockings!….I’m OUTTA HERE !

  31. Kristy Allen|

    A magical ride awaits when you explore your heart and Seoul.

  32. Nina|

    A long way from Abbey Road…

  33. Dan S|

    I’m late. I’m late. I’m late for a very important date!

  34. Jennifer Walsh|

    Proof that Michael Jackson is still alive!

  35. Jordan Grace|

    Shoot, what happened to my surgical booties?

  36. Jeff Crochet|

    This is what happens when you take a spoon full of sugar!

  37. Marshall Smith|

    My passion; Drag Racing. I just can’t seem to ever win though.

  38. Ro|

    Flu or flew season?

  39. Shindig|

    Oh how badly Byung soon wanted the part of Mary Poppins in the up-coming Korean remake! But even without having to breathe the peat fire pollution of old-time London, Seoul’s traffic and soot were enough for her to wish more than a little that her umbrella was a truly magic one,
    able to get her to the audition simply by flying over the rooftops.

  40. Jason R|

    “Whoever had the idea to change this bus lane into a toxic, miniature-bike-sailing dragway was a GENIUS!”

  41. Caitlin Kovalkoski|

    I crossed the DMZ for this?!

  42. Nancy Hawley|

    A 21st century version of Mary Poppins.

  43. Dan Nguyen|

    I don’t care – wind, sun, smog and no car! i got to jet my bike to see Johnny.

  44. Mike|

    All my friends went to #TBEX, in Costa Brava and all I got was this damn umbrella!!!

  45. Patricia|

    Mary Poppins v. 2.0, South Korea style

  46. Reid|

    I leave for vacation in two days I am NOT getting sick!

  47. Bill Medlin|

    Just walking , I mean cycling In the rain

  48. Michael Traum|

    Mask….$1, Umbrella…$4, Folding bicycle….$150, White gloves….$6…..Keepin up with ‘da man in the black Merc during rush hour?….Priceless!

  49. linda|

    I heard JohnnyJet is dancing Gangnam Style with Psy…need to bike there quickly to check it out!

  50. William Chinn|

    When you’re going this fast without a windshield, you have to protect yourself from flying insects.

  51. Blake Kaplan|

    Those NFL replacement refs really stunk up that game.

  52. Anonymous|

    Can never be too prepared!

  53. Mary Carlson|

    only 4 more days until the weekend….only 4 more days until the weekend…..only 4 more days until the weekend….

  54. Hannah|

    Please don’t let me be late to the Michael Jackson look-a-like contest.

  55. Christie R|

    Just in case the SPF 200 suntan lotion doesn’t work, I’m covered!

  56. Polly Pollard|

    Seoul long, I’m on my way.

  57. Phil S|

    “My first day working at the hemorrhoid clinic and I’m 10 minutes late for work! I’ve already got my rubber gloves and hospital mask on, but need to get bigger wheels for my bike so it’ll get me there faster!”

  58. Emily|

    This healthcare crisis won’t get me down!!

  59. Katherine Reynolds|

    Paranoia will destroy ya!

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