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Editor-In-Chief: Johnny Jet (@JohnnyJet)
Queen Bee: Natalie DiScala (@NatalieDiScala)
Editor: Ian Livingston (@iantlivingston)
Contributor: Allison Rainey
Contributor: Caitlin Martin
Contributor: Carrie Cecil
Contributor: Carol Calicchio
Contributor: Cynthia Cunniff
Contributor: Dave Zuchowski
Contributor: Frank DiScala Jr.
Contributor: Georgie Jet
Contributor: Janice Lintz
Contributor: Jason Steele
Contributor: Jennifer Dombrowski
Contributor: Jim Milio
Contributor: Juliet Pennington
Contributor: Laura Pedrick
Contributor: Liliane Opsomer
Contributor: Lindsay Taub
Contributor: Lisa Niver Rajna
Contributor: Mark Hufnail
Contributor: Marla Cimini
Contributor: Matt Thompson
Meaghan Agnew
Contributor: Melissa Curtin
Contributor: Michaela Guzy
Contributor: Nicole Rodriguez
Contributor: Paul Jacobelli
Contributor: Ryan Cowles
Contributor: Tim Gaylord
Contributor: Trishna Patel
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Johnny Jet

12 Comments on "About the Authors"

  1. Sebbie D'Amato | May 28, 2015 at 7:17 am | Reply

    Hello Johnny,
    I work at Newark Liberty Airport and come across travel glitches all the time and would like to contribute to your site.

  2. Hi Mr. Jet!

    Need a travel agent for two country European travel next summer. Who is your agent in Huntington Beach please?



  3. Hey there Johnny & Co!
    Was wondering if you’d like to receive an article at all on 48 hours in the algarve?

  4. Are you hiring writers? I have written hundreds of reviews for Trivago.com and would like to write for your site.

  5. Elver Mendenhall | March 21, 2017 at 4:51 pm | Reply

    I have used Flight track pro for years. Does exactly what i want, however, they’ve shut it down. What can I use that would be just like it. I want to put in flights of mission trips from our church and then be able to follow the flights, knowing that they arrived to their destination safely, any changes in the flight plan, and when they arrive at the home airport. Ive tried a couple of others and they don’t do what I want or I’m unable to figure them out. Flight Track Pro was perfect. Thanks.

  6. Hi Johnny, Are you up for guest post?

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