Airline seat etiquette from a thoughtful readerEach Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Leigh H., who says:

“Since flying can be frustrating, some reminders about how you conduct yourself on a plane can be helpful to all. Please don’t use the seat back in front of you to help you stand up. That isn’t your seat to wrench around. Not only is the movement annoying, but it’s possible that you are painfully ripping out strands of my hair or spilling my drink. Here’s how to do it better. Tidy up your things and unbuckle your seatbelt. Twist around until you are almost facing the aisle. Then put your hand on the seat back of your seat as an assist, if you must. Then stand up.

Another thing: Unless you know the person well, please stand up to let someone else stand up. Unless you are under age ten or so, twisting sideways while still sitting in your seat as someone tries to get past you is inconsiderate. Lastly, fully reclining your seat unless you are actually sleeping can seriously aggravate the person behind you. Unless you are a very long-legged person if you are eating, reading or watching a movie try to do it with the seat in its upright position.”

Wise words, Leigh. Thank you!

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3 Comments On "Airline Seat Etiquette From a Thoughtful Reader"
  1. Steve Rosen|

    I generally don’t mind the seat in front of me being reclined, what can be quite annoying though is when the person in the seat in front, presses the button and just slams the seat full back without looking, that is incredibly rude. Just look behind you first and slowly move the seat back. Ouch you get your knees slammed and push whatever is on your tray off.

  2. Robin|

    “. . . fully reclining your seat unless you are actually sleeping can seriously aggravate the person behind you.”
    Seriously? Even if you are sleeping fully reclining your seat at any time during the flight is sure to annoy the person behind you.

  3. Max|

    If the person in front of me has reclined too much, they are in my space and I have every right to grab their seat and use it like a rocker arm to help me get up. I am not going to try to contort myself for their convenience when they obviously nave no consideration for mine and if they haven’t lessened their recline by the time I get back, I have every right to swing as much as I need on their seat to get into mine.

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