Nevada car insurance can be problematic in some areas, specifically in the variance in car insurance rates from company to company. This makes sense considering the state itself – there’s also a lot of variance in the locales as well. Nevada is also ranked at the 5th most expensive state for car insurance premiums. Still, finding the best cheap car insurance rates in Nevada may surprise you!

cheapest car insurance nevada
Find the best cheapest car insurance in Nevada. Image by esudroff from Pixabay

As you know, the best cheap car insurance rates have a lot to do with where you’re seeking a policy. In many states, you’ll find that a lot of the car insurance rates aren’t that far off – but not every state is a desert state like Nevada. It’s for this reason that you’ll see a lot of different rates than if you were getting a rate in another state.

In any event, if you’re looking for cheap car insurance in Nevada, you still should be able to find a decent policy. As we have with our car insurance guides and resources for other states, we’ll also talk about what to expect for car insurance, in addition to some tips to getting a low rate and keeping it that way.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Nevada: At a Glance

In the paragraphs above, we talked about some of the unique geographical anomalies when it comes to car insurance data in Nevada. Here, we’ll talk about some of the state laws and how the state calculates car insurance in Nevada, the laws regarding it, and why it may be high or low when you’re getting quotes from a particular car insurance company.

Requirements in the State of Nevada

First, we’re going to tackle some of the requirements for car insurance in Nevada:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: $50,000
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident

It should be said that this is a state where you don’t have to have uninsured motorist coverage – unlike most states. However, it’s heavily encouraged. It’s the same with carrying minimum insurance as a whole.

Should you get into a significant enough accident, you’ll probably find that your insurance company can’t help as much as if you were to have purchased full coverage insurance, or at the very least something more comprehensive than just what the state ensures that you have.

As an aside, it should be said that Nevada is on par for minimum insurance requirements, so you shouldn’t find it too hard to find a good policy.

How Nevada Car Insurance is Calculated

Virtually all insurance companies care about the same thing when they’re offering a policy to you – whether or not you’ll file a claim. Successful or not, the insurance companies want to make sound assessments on a person’s character and hope that they’re a responsible driver. They have quite a few factors in which they’ll determine whether or not you’ll be that.

Some are fair, others aren’t as much to some. But regardless, everyone will be judged by the same criteria.

Driving Experience

Driving experience is a decent metric that insurance companies consider when offering a car insurance rate. Not the most important, but significant for a simple reason. If you don’t have a lot of miles logged on the road, there’s a higher chance that something could go wrong.

Accidents happen, but they happen more when you generally don’t know a lot about what you’re doing.

Driving Record

This is weighed heavier than driving experience, as it shows what you’ve done when behind the wheel. This is where you are weighed against any moving violations, crimes (such as DUI), accidents, and other things that may look unsavory in the eyes of a Nevada car insurance company.

Since they’re more likely to pay out with policyholders like this, it’s important that they know beforehand.

Previous Policies

Maintaining car insurance is hugely important if you want cheap car insurance in Nevada. Most insurance companies think less of people who don’t have a long history of policies and if they’re well into driving age.

The reasons for this are varied, but usually boil down to two things: the driver can’t regularly afford car insurance or they have driven long swatches of time without car insurance.


We touched on this earlier – location will play a huge part in car insurance. If you’re a resident in Las Vegas, you’re going to pay much more than someone way up north. The reasons why are because you’re going to have plenty of other people in your area.

The more people you have in an area equals more crime, vandalism, accidents, and theft. All of these things can end up in claims for the insurance company.


This may be a little unfair for some people, but some things have almost been proven to be universal truths. For example, younger people tend to get into more accidents than older people. The same can be said for males. If you’re unmarried, you’ll also find that your insurance rates are more expensive than someone who has tied the knot.

Claims Record

This one is obviously substantial. If you’ve filed a lot of claims while you’ve been driving, you’re going to pay more money. This mostly goes without saying – claims mean that something has happened to your vehicle, and at-fault or not, you’ve requested the insurance company to pay some amount of money.

While insurance companies operate to help drivers, it’s not something that they’ll want to routinely do.

Credit History

Insurance companies – just like rental/mortgage agencies, dealerships, and even some employers – care about your payment history. If you’re someone who has faithfully paid their bills on time, you’re seen as a better driver than someone who has not.

It’s not just that they want to be paid on time (obviously), but people who usually have a decent credit history file fewer claims. Insurance companies also see them as just more responsible drivers as a whole.

Vehicle(s) Insured

The type of vehicle you drive will play a lot in the amount of insurance you’ll pay per month/year. For instance, sports cars are often regarded as more of a risk (and more expensive to fix) than a common, 4-door, compact car.

Best Cheap Auto Insurance Rates in Nevada for Good Drivers

Good driving is a virtue. It keeps you, your property, and other drivers safe. It also keeps some money in your pocket – you’re rewarded some of the cheapest car insurance rates in Nevada.

At the time of writing, American Family Insurance possesses the best rates – about $172 a month for those with stellar driving records. State Farm was next on the list, offering policies that are about $185 a month.

InsurerAverage Price ($)
 American Family Insurance $172/month


 State Farm $185/month


 Allstate $214/month



If you have a clean driving record and credit to match, these are some of the rates that you are to expect. It should be said that these rates were calculated by someone determined as optimal – 40 years old and above looking for full-coverage terms.

Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance in Nevada for Drivers With an At-Fault Crash

Accidents happen – most people have been in some form of accident. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a good auto insurance policy. It’s true that you’ll pay a bit more, but we have found that State Farm has attractive rates, averaging about $211 per month. Allstate and Liberty Mutual round out the pack at 2 and 3, respectively.

InsurerAverage Price ($)
 State Farm $211/month


 Allstate $292/month


 Liberty Mutual $305/month



These prices are on par with what you’ll end up paying for full-coverage insurance if you’re about 40 years old. Also, understand that crashes to insurance companies typically get off your record in about 3-5 years. So, be diligent in shopping around if you fall within that timeline.

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Nevada for Bad Credit

Bad credit can be just as detrimental as a DUI in some cases if you’re looking for car insurance in Nevada. Fortunately, we’ve still found American Family Insurance to be a good bet at $246 a month.


InsurerAverage Price ($)
 American Family Insurance $246/month


 Geico $342/month


 Allstate $375/month



These figures reflect a 40-year-old searching for full-coverage insurance. If you want to improve your chances for better car insurance, obtain your credit report and eliminate as much debt as possible.

Minimum Car Insurance Rates in Nevada

State Farm is the cheapest car insurance carrier that we’ve found for drivers looking for minimum coverage. They come in at $77 a month, with American Family Insurance and Progressive coming in at $81 and $84, respectfully.

InsurerAverage Price ($)
 State Farm $77/month


 American Family Insurance $81/month


 Progressive $84/month



Like the other tables, this is for 40-year-olds looking for just the minimum amount of coverage required under Nevada state law. As often stated, it’s not always ideal to obtain the lowest amount of coverage if you can help it. Car accidents can be expensive.

However, it’s still much better than going without!

All in all, cheap Nevada car insurance can be obtained if you’re willing to look – and continue to look. Understanding what is required of you and how your driving record pertains to how much you pay will go far in your insurance pursuits.

In the event that you’re ever confused or want more clarification, go to the Nevada Department of Insurance for the most up-to-date information.