What’s the most populous city in Florida? Without the help of Google, most people would guess Miami, Tampa, or maybe even the state capital of Tallahassee. And those three answers would all be incorrect. Believe it or not, Jacksonville is by far the most populated city in the state of Florida and is one of only 12 metropolitan areas in the United States with over 900,000 residents. (Miami and Tampa have 470,000 and 392,000 estimated residents respectively).

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Best Cheap Car Insurance in Jacksonville

Now if we know one thing about car insurance, it’s that denser populations equal higher premiums. However, Florida seems to break that mold, at least as it currently stands.

Miami is the most expensive city in Florida for car insurance. The average annual premium costs nearly $3,800 for a full coverage policy. Tampa’s premiums average around $3,000 annually. A full-coverage policy in Jacksonville averages out to just $1,900 per year. Now $1,900 annually is still expensive for car insurance, but according to Carinsurance.com, the average Florida premium is $2,686.

So yes, it’s expensive compared to other states. But, Jacksonville residents are getting a great deal compared to other, smaller Floridian cities. Does this mean shopping around for car insurance in Jacksonville is moot? Absolutely not!

It’s still imperative to shop around for the best deal. Here’s where Jacksonville drivers should start looking.


Florida Insurance Laws and State Minimums

The federal government forces all drivers to purchase car insurance, but the level of coverage needed is left up to each individual state to decide. Florida has decided that the bare minimum coverage you can buy is all they’ll require if you want to drive in the state.

While most states have minimums like 25/50/10 or 30/60/15, Florida doesn’t even require a minimum amount of bodily injury liability insurance. Instead, Florida’s minimums are 10/10, which means:

  • $10,000 in property damage liability
  • $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP)

That’s it. Florida law states that you only need these bare minimum levels of coverage to get on the roads legally. Part of the reason minimums are so low is that Florida is a “no-fault” insurance state. If you’re involved in an accident, your insurance pays for your medical bills and damages – even if the other driver was completely responsible for the accident.

You can only attempt to retrieve damages from the other driver if you exceed your PIP limits.

Florida car insurance is expensive in part because of these no-fault laws. But, they’re also expensive due to the high rate of uninsured, underinsured, and high-risk drivers located there. According to AutoList, Florida has the most uninsured drivers on the road in the entire nation.

Additionally, Florida is home to a large elderly population and frequently inclement weather. This further increases insurance premiums.

What Factors Determine My Insurance Rate?

Auto insurance companies use a variety of factors to calculate driver premiums. Some factors like gender and credit score are banned from use in California, Massachusetts, and Hawaii, but unfortunately, Floridian insurance companies weigh credit scores heavily in their calculations. Here are a few more critical factors:

  1. Age
  2. Driving Record
  3. Credit Score
  4. Annual Miles Driven
  5. Location

Each insurance provider will have their own formula for calculating rates. That’s why we stress the importance of shopping around. And don’t forget to request new quotes should your situation change, such as a teenager under your roof getting their license.

Most and Least Expensive Zip Codes for Car Insurance in Jacksonville

Most Expensive

  1. 32210 (Sweetwater / Hyde Park)
  2. 32205 (Murray Hill)
  3. 32207 (South Jacksonville)
  4. 32208 (Riverview / Oak Hurst)
  5. 32211 (Arlington / Eggleston Heights)

Least Expensive

  1. 32256 (Baymeadows / Stockade)
  2. 32224 (San Pablo / Holiday Harbor)
  3. 32204 (Brooklyn / Mixon Town)
  4. 32209 (Grand Park / Magnolia Gardens)
  5. 32206 (Springfield / Brentwood)

Who Are the Cheapest Insurance Providers for Jacksonville Drivers

Best Overall: ALLSTATE – If you’re looking for diverse product offerings and great customer service, Allstate is the go-to option for Jacksonville drivers. JD Power awarded Allstate the top spot for the Florida region in their 2019 U.S. Auto Insurance Study. The firm earned five-star marks for policy offerings, billing and processing, and customer interaction.

Most Affordable: GEICO / ESURANCEGeico and Esurance both have terrific pricing on car insurance plans, but your personal circumstances will likely determine which company is best. Geico is consistently offering low rates on both state minimum and full coverage policies, while Esurance received the best marks for overall policy pricing from JD Power.

Best Customer Experience: ALLSTATE – One of the reasons Allstate received the best overall grade in our ratings was their exemplary customer service. JD Power gave them five stars and Allstate agents offer 24/7 phone and email support from 20 different offices in the Jacksonville area.


Jacksonville drivers get better rates on car insurance than their neighbors in Miami and Tampa, but they still pay more than the national average for full coverage policies. Florida residents aren’t required to purchase bodily liability insurance, so state minimum plans in the Sunshine State might only cost a few hundred dollars annually.

However, state minimum plans are hazardous in Florida. Nearly 27% of Floridian drivers are uninsured, more than any other state. Full coverage policies are expensive and each driver must choose a level of coverage that fits their life and family.

With no-fault insurance laws and a large number of uninsured drivers, Jacksonville drivers must get proper coverage to protect themselves. Check out our other car insurance guides and resources for more information. 

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Compare Affordable Car Insurance Rates

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