As with many states, Missouri car insurance can be a bit complicated, especially considering the number of companies and price factors to look into. It’s also true that the state of Missouri has car insurance rates that are on the rise. However, obtaining the best cheap car insurance Missouri boils down to a laundry list of things. Mostly, it’ll pertain to the insurer you choose, the city and county in Missouri, the driver’s age, driving record, the type of vehicle to be insured, and the driver’s credit score.

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In addition to these things to look out for, it’s pertinent to address some of what the law requires in Missouri and how they’re applied to drivers in the state.

The Skinny: Best Cheap Car Insurance Missouri

Like many states, Missouri uses a “25/50/25” system.

  • Those driving in Missouri must have a valid liability insurance policy should they want to register, own, and/or operate a vehicle.
  • Drivers in Missouri have to possess no less than $25,000 for death or bodily injury per person. This also means that they must carry no less than $50,000 for death or bodily injury per accident.
  • In the event of damage to another person’s vehicle or property, the driver must have no less than $20,000 in damage.
  • Missouri drivers must also carry uninsured motorist insurance. For drivers in the Show-Me State, they must carry 20,000 for bodily damage per person and $50,000 per accident.

How Missouri Calculates Car Insurance Rates

Calculating insurance rates in Missouri isn’t any harder than it is in any other states. The insurance companies are generally looking for the same things here as they are in many others. In any event, Missouri car insurance rates are a decent amount lower than the national average, as the state has an annual cost of $745.04 a year versus the national average of $889.01 per year.

As earlier stated, there are a lot of factors that are baked into this figure, in addition to the zip code in which you’ll be applying for car insurance. We’ll break down these factors below.

Driving Experience

While not always the most important metric, it is significant for a few reasons. Chief among them is just common sense. The longer you have been behind the wheel, the better you should be at driving without incident.

While this isn’t always true, it’s a decent rule of thumb. People who have been driving longer generally face lower premiums.

Driver Record

For most, this is considered to be the most important driver metric for car insurance companies in Missouri. Say the driver has a few DUIs, moving violations, or any combination of infractions that could get you in trouble with the law – the driver is going to pay more. This makes sense for most people, as those who are willing to act unlawfully behind the wheel will end up being a liability for insurance companies.

They generally don’t like to pay more for those who are seemingly less serious behind the wheel, as they’ll have more accidents. Fortunately for many Missouri drivers, they’ll find that they have fewer claims than the rest of the country.

Vehicle Type

Most of this is in the driver’s control, but not always. Cars come in all shapes and sizes, speeds, colors, and more. If your car is known to be in many accidents – such as a Ferrari or any other performance vehicle – you’ll probably see more accidents.

This makes the car insurance policy higher. To that same token, if your car is likely to be damaged or stolen – such as a Ferrari – you’ll see a higher policy rate.

Previous Insurance

Insurance companies love drivers who have maintained car insurance throughout their lives and will be harder on those who have had lapses. They assess these as risky-drivers and will set their insurance quotes to reflect this.

Credit History

Credit history is important in virtually every walk of life – including car insurance, The reasons here are the same as those others, too. Good credit shows that you’re usually a more financially responsible person. Car insurance companies also have shown that those with lower credit scores file more claims – the antithesis of what car insurance companies want to do.

Claims Record

Insurance companies are interested in how many times you’ve filed a claim. The math here is simple – if you’ve been found at-fault in these claims, you’ll get a higher quote. If you haven’t been found at-fault with any claims, you probably will not.


As you would expect, where you are in Missouri plays a part in the process, too. If you live in St. Louis, you can’t expect to pay the same as if you were in Lee’s Summit. While both great places to live, St. Louis simply has more people.

More people means more accidents, cars stolen, vandalism, and various infractions that insurance companies would like to know about.

Age, Gender, and Marital Status

Young people are generally more accident-prone so insurance companies will look at that and place their insurance quotes higher. The same goes for men. They’re more likely to get into accidents than women.

Lastly, insurance companies consider married people to be safer drivers.


If you put a lot of mileage on your car, you’ll probably see your rates affected mightily. The rationale here is that the more you’re in your car, the higher chance that something could happen.

Finding Cheap Car Insurance Missouri

Finding cheap car insurance Missouri means different things for different people. As outlined above, you may have some things against your record. We’ll do what we can to break down what you’ll probably need to know.

Cheapest for Good Drivers

If you’re a good driver, one that hasn’t had any issues with your credit, you’re driving a decent vehicle, and you’re in a decently populated area in Missouri, here’s how the general breakdown for the major insurance companies work. It should be said that the Missouri Farm Bureau isn’t usually represented, as there isn’t much customer data as opposed to the largest companies in the industry.

Insurer Average Price ($)
Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance $94/month

$1,124 year

American Family $99/month


State Farm $99/month



This is basically the profile for someone about 40 years of age with no major dings on their record that were looking for full coverage insurance, which is a bit more substantial than just the minimum required by the State of Missouri. This encompasses a large swath of people looking for insurance in Missouri.

Cheapest Insurance for Missouri Drivers with an At-Fault Accident

Accidents happen. Fortunately, many people have been in them and have gone on and had their insurance rates down to a manageable rate. This is if they have not found themselves behind the wheel in another accident that they have caused.

While it may not be the best position, with a clean driving record from there on out they’ll see their rates plummet. Should they want to save money, Farm Bureau Insurance may be the best bet.

Insurer Average Rate ($)
Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance $102/month


State Farm Insurance $114/month


Travelers Insurance $149/month



To get to these estimates, the data used was generally the same – a 40-year-old seeking full coverage car insurance in Missouri. The only difference was that they had been in an accident. For the rates to lower here, the driver would have to maintain coverage for three years.

After that time has elapsed, most insurance companies are willing to forgive the event should they not get into any accidents or moving violations during this time. It’s for this reason that many people with accidents seek coverage as soon as that period is up to save a decent amount of money.

Missouri Car Insurance for Poor Credit

Credit blemishes are a fact of life for many Americans looking for car insurance. As such, many drivers have assumed that Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance to be the best bet. On average, those with blemishes on their record have received rates on or about $159 – though State Farm Insurance is also a solid alternative in price.

Insurer Average Rate ($)
Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance $159/month


State Farm Insurance $182/month


American Family Insurance $168/month



It should be said that poor credit has a significant impact on insurance quotes for people. It makes sense for financial responsibility reasons – insurance will assure that you pay more if you have a history of defaulting on accounts. In many cases, those with poor credit will even pay more than those who have a DUI on their record.

In any event, this data is shown for those with “poor credit”, 40, and is on the hunt for full coverage insurance.

Missouri Car Insurance for Minimum Coverage

Sometimes the minimum is all that a person is looking for in insurance. For those people, they’ll find that Missouri Farm Bureau to be the cheapest option. Coming in at about $31 per month, one would be hard-pressed to find something cheaper in the state lines.

That said, the other national brands are great choices, too. They’re more willing to be negotiable in some cases.

Insurer Average Rate ($)
American Family Insurance $42/month


State Farm Insurance $37/month


Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance $31/month



As with the other examples, the data here is for a 40-year-old driver who is considered “good” by all insurers but is also looking for the minimum car insurance in Missouri. These rates are obviously the most attractive because they’re not really covering much other than what the driver could legally get away with.

Unfortunately, most people do not feel as if this is sufficient coverage as it doesn’t always cover what would happen in the event of an accident – namely, the bills incurred from many events. Car accidents can be expensive, so it’s always better to err on the side of caution when searching for car insurance.

That said, minimum car insurance coverage is better than nothing – as it can be financially difficult for many to always insist on full coverage for their automobiles.

Missouri Car Insurance Alternatives

The truth is that there are some drivers that cannot obtain car insurance on the open market. High-risk drivers exist in every state, and it is no different in Missouri. The state government enacted the Missouri Automobile Insurance Plan (AIPSO or known as “The Plan) in a way to keep all of its drivers insured.

Drivers that have been denied auto insurance from insurance operators in their state within the last 60 days can contact the state and receive coverage directly through the state itself.

Cheap Car Insurance Missouri Conclusion

All in all, Missouri’s insurance industry isn’t as complicated as any other state. Although, it does come with a myriad of things to consider when trying to find the best possible car insurance policy. Without enough research and thoroughly going through the options in car insurance – State Farm, Travelers, Allstate, Missouri Farm Bureau, and others – there’s no reason that the prospective driver to be unaware of their options.

Driving history, credit, and other factors will always determine the price of a policy. Though with enough diligence toward credit and actions behind the wheel, the quotes will be able what you’d expect through the use of this guide and the respective car insurance websites.

In addition to that, potential drivers will find comprehensive information regarding car insurance at the Missouri Department of Revenue’s website.

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