When you think of large US metropolitan areas, your first thoughts are probably of New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago. Even for Texas residents, cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin come to mind when thinking about dense urban areas. Does San Antonio pop into your head the same way? No? Well, it should since San Antonio is one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in the entire nation. So What is the cheapest car insurance San Antonio, Texas?

According to the US Census Bureau, San Antonio’s estimated 2018 population is over 1.5 million residents, making it the seventh-largest city in the United States. Since the 2010 census, the city has grown by more than 15%, which trails only Fort Worth, Austin, and Seattle in population growth over the last decade.

For residents, this is a double-edged sword: more people means more opportunities, but also an increased cost of living – especially when it comes to car insurance.

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Average Car Insurance Rates for San Antonio Drivers

Thankfully, auto insurance rates haven’t yet caught up to the city’s massive growth. According to CarInsurance.com, the average rate for a San Antonio driver is just over $1600 annually, which is not only below the Texas state average but the national US average too.

Residents in Houston and Dallas pay about $1900 per year on average, so San Antonians are getting a pretty good deal. It’s important to shop around. Why settle for average when a little legwork can result in lower rates?

Before we get into the best car insurance for San Antonio drivers, let’s look at the laws in Texas.

Insurance Laws and Minimums in Texas

Texas isn’t exactly the wild west when it comes to auto insurance. Texas state insurance minimums are higher than more litigious states like California (learn more about the best car insurance rates in California) or New York (learn more about the best car insurance rates in New York). But, they also use an “at-fault” tort system to determine blame in accidents.

Still, cheap car insurance in Texas isn’t impossible to find.

Texas residents are required to purchase minimum coverage of 30/60/25, which in non-legal speak means:

  • $30,000 in bodily injury liability per person
  • $60,000 in bodily injury liability per accident
  • $25,000 in liability for property damage

If you’re determined to be at fault in an accident, these are the coverages you’ll be using to pay for the medical bills and damages incurred by the other driver. Needless to say, the state minimums often fail to cover all expenses. Once your coverage is exhausted, you must pay the remaining damages out of pocket.

To truly protect yourself, a policy of 100/300/100 with comprehensive and collision coverage is best.

At Fault States

“At fault” states are known as tort states since the law determines who is able to collect damages for accidents. In “at fault” states, blame for an accident is divvied up between the parties involved.

If you’re determined to be 100% at fault for an accident, you must pay 100% of the damages and medical bills. If the legal system determines you’re 70% at fault, then you must pay for 70% of the damage while the other driver pays 30%.

In some instances, fault can be split 50/50 and both drivers will be equally entitled to compensation.

What Determines Auto Insurance Rates in San Antonio, TX?

Cheap car insurance San Antonio, Texas providers use lots of different components in order to accurately price premiums, but not every company looks at the same criteria. For San Antonio residents, expect the following variables to factor into your policy price.

  • Age – This is usually the biggest determinant as younger drivers are by far the most accident-prone. Once you reach middle age, car insurance will continue to get cheaper and cheaper until you hit age 65.
  • Gender and Marital Status – Married women have the lowest rates amongst San Antonio residents. Men pay a little bit more than women on average, but single folks pay about $100 more annually than married ones.
  • Location – Insurance companies look at your zip code too. Zipcodes with higher crime rates and accidents resulting in claims will be more expensive than low crime areas.

Other factors like the type of vehicle, driving history, and credit score also go into the premium equation. Only Hawaii, California, and Massachusetts have banned credit scores from factoring into your car insurance rates. And if you have moving violations or a DUI on your record, you can expect to pay through the nose.

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Most and Least Expensive Zip Codes for Car Insurance in San Antonio

Most Expensive

  • 78285 (River Walk / Downtown)
  • 78284 (Bexar County)
  • 78241 (Downtown)
  • 78237 (West Side)
  • 78206 (Downtown)

Least Expensive

  • 78266 (Garden Ridge)
  • 78232 (Hill Country Village)
  • 78253 (Alamo Ranch)
  • 78248 (Bexar County)
  • 78259 (Stone Oak)

Best San Antonio Car Insurance Providers

Most Affordable: GEICO – As usual, the lizard comes in with the cheapest policies thanks to its direct-to-consumer business model. Since Geico doesn’t employ insurance agents, there’s no commission or overhead costs baked into the price of your policy. Geico is the cheapest for drivers looking for state minimum coverage or full coverage, plus they don’t punish as severely for infractions like speeding tickets.

Best Overall: TEXAS FARM BUREAU – Located in Waco, the Texas Farm Bureau provides life, home, and auto insurance products to Texans at affordable prices. Rated as the best auto insurance provider in Texas by JD Power, Texas Farm Bureau offers an unbeatable combination of policy offerings, discounts, and tremendous customer service.

Best Customer Experience: USAA – San Antonio is home to multiple military bases and USAA has a large presence in the area. And that’s a good thing considering USAA is consistently rated highest in customer satisfaction across the nation. If you or a family member serve in the armed forces, USAA is a great place to shop for insurance products.


Picking the best car insurance for San Antonio drivers is a personal decision. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to purchasing insurance products. A single 45-year-old man with an old Ford truck who works on a farm is going to need a much different policy than a married father of four who drives a Honda Accord.

However, purchasing the state minimum isn’t recommended, no matter what walk of life you come from. State minimum policies can put your personal assets at risk if you’re involved in an accident and your coverage comes up short.

Don’t buy more coverage than you can afford. But, always consider a full coverage 100/300/100 policy with comprehensive and collision coverage.

Check out our other car insurance guides and resources for more information.

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