Reader Travel Tip of the Day: Can You Cook Food with the Hotel Iron?

reader-travel-tip2Can You Cook Food with the Hotel Iron?
Each Friday, we’re featuring a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip is a fun one that comes from reader Jennifer, who says:

“I came across this and thought of you: I was surprised by the hot dogs and burgers, what about you? An interesting frugal travel method!”

You should make sure the iron is clean before ironing or cooking with it, of course, but file this one under good to know. And if you’ve ever tried this, be sure to share in the comments. Thanks, Jennifer!



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Johnny Jet

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11 Comments on "Reader Travel Tip of the Day: Can You Cook Food with the Hotel Iron?"

  1. Well isn’t that lovely. What about the next person that uses the iron for its intended use & actually wants to iron something. This is rude & obnoxious.

  2. This is an awful tip. Even after you clean the surface of the iron, the next person who wants to use it for what it’s intended will end up with the pizza sauce, fat from the burger, etc. that seeped into the steam holes, all over their clothes. Then, of course, the hotel will have to replace the iron. Bring your own iron if you can’t afford to have meals in a restaurant!!

  3. Really! Ugh! Someone has to clean this after you use it for cooking. As mentioned by others, what if you need to iron something? I don’t want your food on my clothes.

  4. I always get a hotel room with a coffee pot then ask for a second pot from housekeeping, I use the pot for anything liquid and the heating plate for anything that needs surface cooking, a little foil helps a lot.
    I bring soup,oatmeal,noodles etc. that are inexpensive meals to supplement the eating out budget. I always visit the local markets where I travel a great fun resource.

  5. Just because you *can* do something doesn’t mean that you should. In my opinion this is a distasteful practice. I would not want to eat off an iron that someone used on their clothes, and I doubt the next user of the iron would want to use it for their clothing knowing I “cooked” a pizza on it. Gross.

  6. Actually you’re supposed to make pots or pans out of aluminum foil to use. Show you which generation has homemaking skills. LOL

  7. I haven’t tried this, but I can’t picture any iron that will lie flat upside down. As I couldn’t get out of that page without looking at irons for sale, I think it was just a sales gimmick to get you to look at their irons, not really something that people actually did. (Their irons would not lie flat upside down)

  8. I guess its not a cool thing to do. am sure non of us will use our own home use iron for that purpose.

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