Reader Travel Tip of the Day: Small Lists Can Go a Long Way

reader-travel-tip2Small Lists Can Go a Long Way
Each Friday, we’re featuring a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from Terry L. from Amarillo, TX, who builds on the thoughts of a past reader by saying:

“I was able to pack quickly and efficiently because of frequent travel in my previous job. After several nightmare experiences of forgetting to pack important items and forgetting important errands, I began to dread travel. In self-defense, I created ‘To Do’ and ‘To Take’ list in the Notes application on my phone. I now begin updating both lists as soon as a new trip is planned.

The ‘To-Do’ list includes tasks such as checking the luggage for damage, filling prescriptions, boarding the dog and having mail and deliveries stopped. The ‘To Take’ list includes everything we need to pack for the trip. We even update the lists during the trip if we realize we forgot something because the list will be used again each time we travel. I also keep flight, car rental and hotel information to the list as well because the info is easy to access on the phone when a confirmation number is needed.

Now that we’ve used the lists for a while, it only takes a few minutes to tweak the lists for each new trip because most items don’t change. When travelling, we are now more relaxed and less stressed and rarely forget anything because of our ‘To Do’ and ‘To Take’ lists. It was well worth the short investment of time to bring joy back to travelling.”

Any tip that brings “joy back to travelling” is one worth paying attention to. Thanks for sharing, Terry!



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4 Comments on "Reader Travel Tip of the Day: Small Lists Can Go a Long Way"

  1. I have a similar method. I have a packing/to do list combo in my notes on my computer/iphone.
    My list has pretty much everything I might need for my trip/s including extended trips where I have to cancel newspapers, cable tv, internet, forward mail, etc (I am a snowbird) Prior to my trip I print out a copy and cross out what I don’t need for that specific trip and pack the rest.

  2. Theresa M. Camil | January 23, 2015 at 10:37 am | Reply

    Years ago, I created a packing list and other than modifying it for temperature and where we are going and how many days we will be gone, it is basically set up for any travel to be done. This list is for traveling by car. I have created another one for traveling in a plane, which limits some of the items from the list.

  3. Several years ago, I created an Excel packing checklist and keep it in my EVERNOTE (my memory bank!). It as expanded to include lists tailored to beach vacations or to cold-weather vacations. As this tipper descibes, I also update the list after (or during) each time we are away. I print the list out each time we are starting trips preps (like right now) so I can check things off as we go along (or add special items as needed) – and do a final check of the list in the last couple hours before leaving. And I store all our lodging, car rental, and other info in my EVERNOTE Travel folder as well so I always have everything with me on my phone.

  4. My hubby had to go to Emory Hospital for about six years, twice each year. [about 150 miles from our home] We made this roadtrip in our pickup truck.

    I made four lists = Packing List /Pre-Going List / a Day-of-Leaving List / a To-Do Back Home List.

    Many things can be done ahead of time [especially the day before leaving], but some can’t be done until the last few moments before leaving [and things to do once on the road too] ; then there’s things that have to be done immediately once we return home.
    I know it sounds like a lot of list making but really it doesn’t take long … not nearly as long as forgetting to use the bathroom right before leaving and then not being able to locate one once you get on the road! :-)
    … and Yes i DO have going to the bathroom as the last item on my Day of Leaving List, it’s easy to forget in the hustle of getting out the door.

    I also packed a large suitcase with clean clothes and necessities that i left in our locked truck, and carried a backpack with me each morning to switch out our soiled laundry and unneeded things with the clean things in the truck (i was sleeping in the hospital hallway or in his room). This worked out extremely well, as did the 4 lists.
    I always used valet parking or parked as close to the valet-parking area as there is much activity there and i felt it was safer than parking in a remote part of the parking garages.
    The daily walk to our truck gave me a bit of alone time from the heavy stress we were going thru, sunshine, fresh air, exercise, apply my makeup and grab a good hot meal on my way back to his room.

    ** Not all travel or stays from home are for vacation or business. **

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