Travel Tip of the Day: The Carry-on Crackdowns Continue

DeltaThe Carry-on Crackdown Continues
A little while back, I wrote about how United is cracking down on their carry-on rules. Well, when I flew out of JFK Airport yesterday, I noticed that Delta has started cracking down on carry-on bags themselves—BIG time. Instead of checking the size of passengers’ bags at the gate, they’re now doing it before security. Delta agents now even put carry-on stickers on each carry-on bag, and they have sizers that they make you try to fit your bag in if it appears close to the maximum dimensions.

My advice to you to save time and/or money is to either pack lighter, ship your bags ahead of time, pay the fees or fly Southwest Airlines, since they don’t charge for the first two bags. And make sure to know your airline’s baggage rules before you get to the airport!

Here’s a great post on all the policies and fees of all the major carriers courtesy of Amateur Flyer.



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8 Comments on "Travel Tip of the Day: The Carry-on Crackdowns Continue"

  1. American was doing the same thing as Delta at SFO, my carry-on, was rejected as too thick even though it fits fine in the overhead bin

    Did a chart on carry-on luggage requirements recently

  2. Is this advice good for international also or are they more liberal?

  3. i don’t mind the crack down. i find it annoying that someone carries either larger or more than the requirement number of carry-on bags. that’s why people have to gate check- they try to get around the rules.

  4. I’m all for the crackdown. Sick and tired of watching people holding up boarding or filling up the bins trying to cram all their luggage into an overhead

  5. Just a reminder that JetBlue also provides first bag free (SWA isn’t the only one). And Delta’s enforcement of the carry-on baggage check is inconsistent…..I’m flying them weekly BOSLAX and am not seeing the same practice. It’s also not happening in their smaller stations (I flew out of SAT this past weekend without a check/sticker, for example). Wish they would do it more consistently though so people stop hauling everything plus the kitchen sink on board!

  6. I flew United yesterday. They let about half the people board, then came around to the rest of us, tagged our bags and told us to pick them up at the baggage claim. No warnings to allow us to remove anything from the bag, no exceptions. and they treated us in group 5 especially poorly: now ‘economy’ can board. Horrible.

  7. Flew United from NYC to Chicago and they placed my carry-on in the “sizer” to see if they would allow it. I had to “un-expand” my luggage to fit completely which was fine. Then I got in the plane and saw several carry-ons way larger than mine in economy overhead bins. I’m totally fine with the rules, but at least be fair.

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