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It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling from Hawaii to Tahiti—always bring a sweater with you. Not only will the plane be freezing, especially by the exits, but hotels and restaurants can be, too…and especially in warmer destinations because the air-conditioning is turned up so high. Better safe than sorry.



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11 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Bring a Sweater"
  1. sheilape|

    So important…I now also carry a shawl or light blanket to avoid using the ‘who knows when they were washed’ blanket …if you even get one. Especially important on Red Eyes

  2. Lawrence Fitzgerald|

    Good tip but the correct grammar would be: Take a sweater. It’s a question of direction.

  3. Jack Pray|

    I live in Palm Springs, CA and even when it is 110 degrees here in the summer I still take a sweater with me to movies, restaurants, etc. as they keep those venues so cold. I know people, especially out of state and Canadians must look at me as crazy, seeing me carry a sweater into a movie when it is so hot outside.

  4. Joyce Massey|

    I always bring a shawl with me when we travel. It has saved me from “freezing” multiple times.

  5. ABQJim|

    I like a hoodie myself. I stuff it in a pillowcase. If the plane is warm, it makes a pillow. If the plane is cold (BTW – tell the ward/stewardess and they will often turn up the heat) then the hood will also cushion my head while I nap.

  6. Anonymous|

    I’m a California girl–we learn early to take a wrap of some kind–used to be a sweater but now a pashmina works well….

  7. GS|

    Of course this is a must. But prefer the one with the hoodie. You don’t want to be uncomfortable during the long train/plane/boat cold travels!

  8. Mark|

    Great tip special for room when we can`t disable clima.

  9. byronladon|

    I always have a hooded sweatshirt with me and i live in Las Vegas

  10. Natascia Russo|

    I always have long sleeve or shawl with me wherever I go. But this is best as a reminder to the readers. Thanks

  11. sandy|

    I agree…I always bring a sweater, even in the middle of summer :-) When I forget, I’m always sorry, if we go to a movie or a restaurant. I also carry a scarf and gloves to Paris, even if the weather is lovely, because it can change on a dime!

    Sandy in Central Illinois

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