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The Post Hotel bathroom suite

Bring TP
When I first heard that the New York Jets football team packed 300 rolls of toilet paper for their game in London two weeks ago, I thought it was absurd. Then I started reading comments on my buddy Gary’s blog, and I realized it might not be that crazy, as some travelers are very particular with their TP and/or allergic to the perfumes, dyes and bleaches used to make the paper white. If you fall into this category it can’t hurt to pack a roll or two on your next trip.

FYI: The bathroom above is attached to a room at the Post Hotel in Alberta.



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6 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Bring TP"
  1. OC Domer|

    I love your blog Johnny, and I thank you for all the great information you post. But I’m not on board with this tip. Leaving aside those folks with legitimate allergies to toilet paper, bringing your own TP because you are “very particular” about your paper seems slightly absurd. They have TP there already, and it’s perfectly adequate. Use it! You’ve worked hard to pack everything into a single carry-on size suitcase. You’ve ruthlessly left that 3rd pair of shoes and several pair of underwear at home so that everything else can fit – and now you have space for two rolls of Charmin? If you want to pack something worthwhile, pack a full-sized bath towel. It’s the towels in Europe that are wholly inadequate!

    Also, the article notes that the reason for the thin TP in Europe is a concern about the ability of the plumbing to handle sterner stuff. That situation is not going to get better when you arrive with your American paper. How are that cute couple who run the charming B&B going to react when you clog their pipes and spill sewage all over your room?

    Now, there are countries where TP is not readily available. If you’re going there, by all means pack some.

    (As I’m typing this, I am recalling an incident in a pay-as-you-go port-a-potty in Tuscany that doled out about 4 squares of tissue per Euro paid in a situation where I desperately needed more than that and I was running out of Euro coins! My wife thought it was hysterical!)

    1. Johnny Jet
      Johnny Jet|

      Thanks OC! I know what you mean but some people are very particular.

  2. Larry|

    Johnny, it seems to me like you are getting desperate for tips for you daily tip! You have done much better!

    1. Johnny Jet
      Johnny Jet|

      I thought it was a legitimate tip since some people are concerned about it.

  3. Jenna|

    What’s TP ? Ok i’m allergic to creams and lotions or anything cosmetic… sometimes perfumes too. Extremely allergic to sprays. Every time I get a hair-do i need to take an anti allergic due to hair spray reaction on my face skin and it hurts a lot when I can’t use random beauty products which my community can :( I always need to keep a bag with me for my anti allergy tabs and medicated products like shampoo and face wash (Still a few cosmetics) … !

  4. Neno|

    I think this is ridiculous. I have been travelling last 15 years and had many issues but never with toilet paper. First time I chech into a hotel without TP I will throw away my passport!


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