Travel Tip of the Day: Bring Your Own Hot Sauce

Bring own hot sauceBring Your Own Hot Sauce
I love spicy food. There have been many times I’ve wished I’ve had one of those cute mini bottles of Tabasco sauce in my carry-on, in places where the food just isn’t that exciting. Well, I learned recently from my friend Ramsey (pictured in action above) that spice lovers can easily kick things up a notch by bringing their own hot sauce with them on the road. Just pour some into one of those three-ounce plastic containers that most people fill with shampoo or conditioner. It’s a brilliant idea and I can’t wait to try this with my fave West Indian hot sauce, Encona!

Have you tried this? What’s the strangest thing you bring on your travels? Leave a comment and it may be featured in an upcoming story!



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14 Comments on "Travel Tip of the Day: Bring Your Own Hot Sauce"

  1. Hey Johnny,

    Great tip! Thanks also for the link to the Encona sauces.

    I had an experience in Cozumel. We were out for lunch and the hot sauce on the table was rather lacking in the “hot” department. Feeling brave, I asked if they had something really hot like what the locals eat. They made a sauce right in front of me in a blender, and I got what I’d asked for and then some. It was REALLY hot! My fiancé found it very entertaining. The phrase, “Careful what you wish for,” came to mind


  2. We’ve been bringing along our hot sauce for years. Sometimes soy sauce as well. Brand new, sealed bottle is safest, no reason to decant. There’s no food that can’t be made better with soy sauce and hot sauce. And bland food can be way more palatable.
    Wish I thought of it on my first trip to UK.

  3. I never go anywhere without my El Yucateco Habanero Sauce.

  4. Just don’t accidentally wash your hair with it!

  5. Why not just ask the wait staff to bring some HOT sauce to you table instead of carrying the sauce
    with you?

  6. I have a different obsession. I love to put lemon in almost every meal – from salads, to meat and fish. Even soups. Last spring, when I visited Philippines we ate fresh fish almost every day for a month, and not even one restaurant served the lemon on a side. So I was thinking of bringing my own squeezed lemon juice with me next time I’m gonna travel somewhere.

  7. Hahah! I thought I was the only one that did this. I always have either a bottle of cholula or tabasco sauce on me! Either that, or I’ll have those packets of tapatio!

  8. Eric, so did I. When I started this gig in 1988, I traveled with a couple of little glass bottles of Tabasco (1/8 oz i think) as i traveled to some pretty bland eating places. I’m in Harrisburg, PA and whip out my lil tabasco and my colleague goes “that is so rude!”. I was speechless and asked him to explain himself and he says “you wouldn’t go to someone’s home and do that would you?”, of course not says I. Restaurant is bringing bill at end of meal is the difference. Things have changed and I’m in Kuwait this minute and the table is set with Tabasco. But a newer obsession with me was brought up by “Anca” above. I too love lemon on everything now. Put a little on dirt and it is edible! This whole string brought back memories. Thanks Johnny Jet!

  9. I always travel on planes with a mini bottle of Tabasco and some pepper packets. Love Bloody Marys but hate they bland ones they serve on planes.

  10. Gotta love the internet — I had forgotten about how good Encona’s sauces are! Soooo, thank you for the reminder and a HT to View from the Wing for the link to your post!

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