ColombiaDon’t Resist If You’re Held Up
About a week ago, an American tourist was killed in Medellín, Colombia after being held up. As written by the Daily Mail, the man’s taxi was intercepted after he’d departed from his hotel—located in “one of the Medellin’s wealthiest and safest enclaves.” His attackers arrived with guns by car and on motorcycle, and then, upon confronting the man in his stopped cab, they attempted to take his wallet and personal items. It was only after the man resisted the attackers’ efforts to rob him that he was shot and killed.

It’s a tragic story—and also an important reminder to never resist a violent or aggressive attack of this kind, at home or while traveling. Losing your wallet is an inconvenience you can overcome. Losing your life—well, it’s just not worth the risk.

FYI: Despite the tune of this story, Colombia is a much safer place than it used to be. Read more about our editor’s visit here.



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2 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Resist If You're Held Up"
  1. William Chinn|

    There are places and situations where you know things will escalate to an unacceptable conclusion. Each individual should predetermine what they will realistically do in such a situation. Submit, fight, run, etc. The wallet may not be the ultimate target when gang violence is concerned. Losing your life may not be worth the risk of pacifism.

    Local governments should not make that choice for the victim, but often do. You have to live in order to hire a good lawyer.

  2. Hermes|

    Sounds like the attacker made some mistakes of judgement, or perhaps they were just unfortunate circumstances…

    1. He was attacked by more than one person (three, four? Article doesn’t say)
    2. He was travelling alone
    3. Dressed wealthy?
    4. At night?

    Of course, as most countries I travel in do not permit carrying a concealed weapon or open carry (and why should they let foreigners carry deadly weapons?), I probably would have given up my wallet. Even if I was armed, a wallet might indeed be worth surrendering rather than risking serious injury or death. So, carry a decoy wallet with a reasonable amount so it doesn’t look like one – say, $50 not fifty centavos.

    But, I agree with the previous poster, I really have to sigh when I read such blanket advice: ‘Submit to coercion.’
    All is contextual.
    Do you tell women to submit to rape? “Your dignity is not worth a struggle”.

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