Travel Tip of the Day: How to Remember Your Room Number or Parking Spot

Hotel room doorHow to Remember Your Room Number or Parking Spot
I travel so much that I sometimes forget what my hotel room number is, so I always take a picture of the door with my cell phone. I do the same when I park my car in a large parking lot. You might look ridiculous doing it but you won’t ever have to wander around like a lost soul. So simple, and yet it can save you so much time and frustration!



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Johnny Jet

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11 Comments on "Travel Tip of the Day: How to Remember Your Room Number or Parking Spot"

  1. For parking I use Carr Matey. Leads you back to your car via Google map.

  2. Taking pictures of rooms, parking spots, and rental cars is sensible. Also take a picture of the front of the hotel (with name) in case you get lost or need to show a cab driver.

  3. Genius! Simple solution to a common problem. No smart phone here, but camera always available.

  4. I also take a photo of my hotel room door # and hotel front, with name, but back in the days before cell phones and digital cameras, I was on an overnight train without a prior berth reservation. I had no trouble finding space, however, my name wasn’t posted on a stub outside the door, so when I got up in the middle of the night, to use the restroom, I realized on my return to the car, that I didn’t know which berth I was in! I couldn’t very well rummage around in various berths, at 3:00 in the morning, and I didn’t want to spend the rest of the trip standing in the hallway. Fortunately, my husband began to worry about why I hadn’t yet returned & he peaked out the door, so I was able to find the correct berth (whew!). From then on, I’ve always taken window clings with me when I travel (a post-it note will also work). They take up almost no room in the packing, and can be temporarily stuck to the inside of the widow of a train berth, or the inside of rental car windows. This trick not only helps you identify your unfamiliar rental car, but can also help it look more like a personal car, and less like a rental (since rentals are often targeted for break-ins). I also generally buy a local paper & leave it on the back seat, again, to give the impression that the car is owned by a local. Window clings can often be purchased at school or office supply stores & can be carried stuck on a piece of plastic wrap. I’ve found some great ones of fish, that look whimsical, yet are very distinctive when I’m trying to find my rental car.

  5. Brilliantly simple. Have to share this with my guests. Thanks Johnny!

  6. Lol. Is not the room number that I have problems with. Is the hotel’s name and address.
    501 Tornstrom…that must have been somewhere in Sweden.

  7. Excellent advice! This has been especially helpful to us in the middle east shopping malls where the parking level # does not necessarily match the shopping level # – very confusing!

  8. Good idea! I always take a pic of my parking space! It’s saved me a number of times from going in circles!

  9. What a great idea…can’t believe I never thought to do this!

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