Travel Tip of the Day: Know When to Fight the Cruise Company

CruiseKnow When to Fight the Cruise Company
If a cruise you take ends early due to inclement weather or norovirus, don’t fight the cruise company. It won’t end the way you want it to. Read Peter Greenberg’s tip on why.



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3 Comments on "Travel Tip of the Day: Know When to Fight the Cruise Company"

  1. We had a truly awful cruise on RCCL (made worse by the fact that we’d had a wonderful cruise with them the year before, and this one was to celebrate an anniversary), and sent a 9-page letter to the CEO, delineating, very specifically and nicely, what was bad- serious stuff like a ship literally falling to pieces, cursing employees, customer service so ugly and racist-insulting that it repeatedly had me in tears, security lapses, mishandled excursions that became physically dangerous due to their being mishandled, insulting staff, etc. The response from RCCL corporate was grotesquely insulting, sarcastic, and useless; they sent us a CD so we could “relive our memories” and told us that letters like ours were “normal” for them! Our travel agent had no luck with them, either, and, as a result, they lost our business forever. (Interestingly enough, we have had two wonderful cruises since with Celebrity- which, although owned by the same company, has a different CEO and provides a TOTALLY different and wonderful experience with excellent service).

  2. 1st, Johnny-J…LOVE that perspective on the ship (think they preferred to be called boatz, though – our iittle secret (winnk-winnk, nudge-nudge)), anyway the ONE cruz i took (for some reason, they said i got the best cruise EH-VERRR and there’s NO reason to canvas (maybe they said sale, since EYE had DONE IT ALL!!!) again) was all ANYone – ever nEEded.

    i digress…

    2nd, when i took a walk around the motherboard – think i was on YOUR dinghy..THAT polar-hoid looks just like watt i saw before i was butts-over…butts-under (that the saying?), sheish, i was su-ICK (seemed like the earth/sea was UP & down)…funEE how the ho-rI-zun never changed (MAYbe you, Johnny-J should write/rite/right(?) about THAT)

    i digress…

    what was i sAyin?

    keep up the good the mainsail/wood/or sump’n…W O R K…(LOV you on Leo’s show…why doesn’t he put HIS $ where his big-ol’ NY/CT/RI/SCruz/Petaluma mouth is???) & F R I G G I N’ get you YOUR show already???


  3. Went on cruise to Bahamas with 8yo Godson. Went on excursion with Stingrays (stinger removed). Everyone who was in the water got bitten on exposed skin by what we now know to be sand fleas. Godson never got in so he was okay but I was itching for 2 days before we got back, lived on Benadryl the entire time. Wrote to Carnival asking for them to take some responsibility and at least acknowledge that they should have warned people of the possibility. I mean, what if I had had a severe reaction and ended up in a Bahamian hospital, would they have made sure that my Godson would get home safely? They denied knowledge. I wasn’t asking for money, just that you know its there and you need inform your passengers. That was 2009. And to this day I refuse to cruise with anyone especially Carnival. I paid for a cruise and got unbearable itching in return. NEVER EVER AGAIN. My cruising days are done.

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