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UnitedTake United’s Carry-On Policy Seriously
As I wrote in a story last week, United Airlines this month updated their carry-on baggage policy—and their approach to enforcing it. The airline has rolled out new bag-sizers at their check-in counters which all carry-on bags will be required to be able to fit in. This is of course not a new policy in itself; the maximum dimensions are still 9″ x 14″ x 22″ for carry-ons and 9″ x 10″ x 17″ for personal items.

What is news is the fact that United has a “renewed focus on carry-on compliance” according to an internal newsletter, so enforcement is likely to be strict. So if you’re flying United (or really if you’re flying at all), make sure to get out your tape measure and measure your carry-ons before you head for the airport!



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8 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Take United's Carry-On Policy Seriously"
  1. Only1CasSandra (@Only1CasSandra)|

    I agree with enforcing the carry on bag size. Some people are getting ridiculous with them. Seems they want to take the biggest bag they can get away with and take up space in the overhead. On my last trip Arizona to NYC, I had to have my carry on checked because there was no more room. The purpose of a carry on is to carry it on.

    So bravo for enforcing the sizes people carry.

    But at the same time I don’t like Delta, AA or United because their sizers are too small. My carry on is the proper dimensions but I was forced to check it in to/from Tampa ($20 each way).

    Will for a forever loyal member of JetBlue, their sizers are accurate and I NEVER have a problem with not enough space.

  2. Barry Eagle|

    United can “spin” this all they want (and they will) but its just a money grab, period! Just like the “overheads are all full” to force checking (even without charge) when there is space left, customers are continually abused. The airlines smug position will change, as it has before, and when flight loads are no longer high and they again need us, we must remember this treatment. Airlines who abuse us the most now must be made to pay later. Forget the spin and be honest and fare in treatment of passangers. Our time will come again!

  3. Judy Caratan|

    Johnny, I don’t travel much, so your tip regarding United’s stricter enforcement re:carry on’s
    Can you bring two on board? What did you mean about the bag for personal items too?

    1. Johnny Jet
      Johnny Jet|

      You can bring one large one and one the size of a briefcase/purse

  4. g2-db51ece15477e8cad4f8ae4cc5a11649|

    I flew on American Airlines last week, and at the gate while boarding, they were eyeballing the size of everyone’s carry-on bags. I noticed they made a few people use the bag sizer and their bag was too big so they checked it. But for free. I appreciate that they did this – it hopefully sped up the boarding process and not charging since it was at the gate was the right thing to do.

    They do have an opportunity on the plane though to ask people to place their small carry-ons under the seat in front of them. The bin above my seat had a bunch of little purses, back packs, etc so my small carry on luggage wouldn’t fit. I had to ask people sitting around me who these things belonged to, would them mind if I moved them to the side, etc. It held things up and I do not like being that person!

  5. Robert Johnston|

    It’s policies like these that will forever make me support the re-regulation of the airlines.

  6. JazzSinger|

    I’m all for cracking down on people who try to take their life with them on a plane, but I’m interested to see how things go for me. My carry-on is the exact maximum size allowed. I bought it with the rules regarding carry-ons in mind. I promise you that the first time someone makes me check it claiming that it’s too big will be the last time I fly United. That’s saying a lot, because United is my favorite airline.

  7. Steve Blyskal|

    Recently I flew United on 4 flights to and from Hawaii. On the flight from Hilo to LA Mon. night the UA person walked up and down the boarding line and stopped at me. I had my camera bag on my back, my fanny pack on my hip and a small carry on rolling beside me. I did a double take when she implied my fanny pack was my personal item and the camera bag was my carry on! I told her the fanny pack contained everything that was normally in my pants/shirt pockets and was for convenience going through security. After that she let me go. Unbelievable! From now on I’ll wear my photo vest, which holds twice what my fanny pack does.

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