MoneyTell Your Bank You’re Traveling
If you’re planning to travel outside the country, tell your bank and credit card company ahead of time so they don’t put a block on your cards when they see “suspicious activity.” This can put a real damper on your trip so make a quick call in advance to avoid this hassle.

Good to know: Credit cards that don’t have foreign transaction fees.



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Johnny Jet

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9 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Tell Your Bank You're Traveling"
  1. Geoff Blaesing|

    My credit card companies offered ways to notify them of travel on their websites. It was really easy.

  2. Sandy C|

    My bank, Wells Fargo, suggested we open a separate “travel” checking account with a debit card/ATM card that we use for transactions while traveling abroad. You only put the amount of money in the account that you think that you will use while on the trip. That way, if your checking account is comprised, the thieves will only have access to that travel checking account and not your entire regular checking account.

  3. gary berlin|

    agreed… best to let them know in advance……makes for smooth transactions in ATM’s you may not be used to seeing…

  4. Kim|

    I had traveled to Australia on a working holiday visa, and it took my credit card company a while year to put a hold on my card. They finally realized I was in another country and put a hold on my card a week before I flew home! K

  5. Robert Lowdon|

    The last thing you want is all your funds being shut off in a foreign country, ouch!

  6. Hudson|

    Great feedback – What do you think of your bank automatically recognizing your travel plans when you book your travel plans online ( ie – priceline, expedia, etc)?

    1. Johnny Jet
      Johnny Jet|

      It’s great for some people but others don’t like it. If it helps my travels go smoother I’m for it.

  7. Jim|

    I notified the same credit card bank of my travel, they thanked me and said that my card would still be denied and it was. Now I use American Express.

  8. Valerie C.|

    I’d add: Tell them your traveling start date is in advance of your actual date and use the card at least once from home to make sure they just flagged your account and didn’t deactivate it. I’ve had credit card companies turn my card off/prevent me from making charges on three separate occasions with three separate companies when I’ve notified them of travel plans. The first time I didn’t find out until I was already traveling internationally and getting in touch with them to correct it was a huge challenge.

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