PoolTime Your Travels Right
One of the best ways to save money and to have a great experience (i.e. not have to fight over a beach or pool chair) is to go away when everyone else is at home/at the office/at school. Translation: Don’t travel during peak season, especially during the holidays. Prices will be lower, you’ll have a better chance of getting upgraded and you won’t have to wait in lines for attractions or for a table at a restaurant.



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10 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Time Your Travels Right"
  1. Nancy Reid|

    We time our travel off season as much as possible. Usually right after Labor Day, and right after New Year’s. We also like to cruise first two weeks of December and in the summer during hurricane season! So many great off season discounts + less crowds.

  2. Debra|

    How true. My husband and my favorite time to travel to Europe is in the winter…… No lines to the Sistine Chapel (or anywhere else), beautiful snow covered Venice and then over the holidays, all the beautiful decorations and Christmas Markets!! The locals are much friendlier since they’re not burned out by all the tourists. I would rather bundle up a little than be hot and fight the crowds.

  3. Robert Johnston|

    Isn’t a caveat the first two weeks or so of December? I notice you travel a lot on Saturdays, when you are calling in to Leo’s show. Is that one of the best day to fly for getting free upgrades etc? What would be the second best day? Don’t many fares have a Saturday night stay-over provision?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Yep! Sat is one of the best days to fly. The others are Tues and Wed. Most fares don’t require a Sat night stay anymore.

  4. Ozy Dave|

    Certainly cheaper options, especially when there are no school holidays to compete with. Unfortunately in the UK, parents are now being hit with a fine if they take their children on holiday during school term time. That means families are being unfairly penalised, and often it’s families that can’t manage to take holidays during the peak periods because of the increased costs. Needless to say there is much debate and anger. Petitions are being sent to Government, schools, local authorities etc., asking for a reversal of the term-time family holiday rule. Not surprisingly, there’s another petition calling for the Gov’t to take action and stop operators charging extra during school holidays – I believe that’s now to be debated in the UK Parliament because the petition has more than the required number of public signatures.

  5. Sandy Traveller|

    Stayed in a popular resort that was nowhere near capacity…such great service! Also so nice and quiet. The way to go.

  6. Peggi|

    We thought we were going to Disney World during off peak time in early January. Our son and family were in the states (kids had off school in Brazil) so we took them then, not realizing all of Brazil had off. Then we found out all of South America has off the same time so right after New Year’s to Disney is not a good time – it was crowded!!

  7. naoma4|

    Years ago I had a very interesting seat-mate. Long before 9/11. He was a secret service man. Yes he was. He carried a gun in an inside pocket and one in 2 parts under the seat in front. I had his business card but lost it. Most interesting seat mate I have ever had. He was on the plane with a partner guarding a VP candidate on the plane.

  8. David Jimson|

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  9. Radisson|

    Travelling is such a great way for refreshment in your busy life. But when you consider for travelling, then First of all you should follow some good travel tips or you should take advice from an experienced travel agent.

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