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PhoneUse the Phonetic Alphabet
If you’re a traveler or even just someone who books travel frequently, it’s a good idea to use the phonetic alphabet when spelling important things over the telephone or in person. Using the phonetic alphabet to spell your name or to locate your confirmation record makes communicating so much easier and quicker, eliminates confusion and can save you time and potential headaches. Of course, there are other words you can use to reference the letter or spelling you’re conveying, but these ones are the best for good reason:

  • A — Alpha
  • B — Bravo
  • C — Charlie
  • D — Delta
  • E — Echo
  • F — Foxtrot
  • G — Golf
  • H — Hotel
  • I — India
  • J — Juliet
  • K — Kilo
  • L — Lima
  • M — Mike
  • N — November
  • O — Oscar
  • P — Papa
  • Q — Quebec
  • R — Romeo
  • S — Sierra
  • T — Tango
  • U — Uniform
  • V — Victor
  • W — Whiskey
  • X — X-ray
  • Y — Yankee
  • Z — Zulu



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6 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Use the Phonetic Alphabet"
  1. Cathy|

    Loved the phonetic tip but I must register a pet peeve. In the very last sentence you used the phrase “these ones”. That is incorrect grammar. Sadly, it is used more and more today by all ages. Please try to refrain from using it in the future. You should have said:

    Of course, there are other words you can use to reference the letter or spelling you’re conveying, but these are the ones best used for good reason:

    1. Johnny Jet
      Johnny Jet|

      Thank you for pointing it out!

  2. Jonno|

    I really enjoy you on Leo’s shows. You always have interesting advice and I save all your tips. Sorry I missed you in Hawaii I was there at the same time staying at the Halekulani Hotel. Keep up the great work, Jonno

    1. Johnny Jet
      Johnny Jet|

      Thanks for the love and sorry to miss you! Had lunch on Monday there

  3. Peter|

    Another Tip you should add to this tip. If you spell something to someone on the phone you have to spell it like
    J like Juliet
    O like Oscar
    H like Hotel
    N Like November
    N like November
    Y like Yankee

    In 99% of conversations with people on the phone, the wont understand if you tell them you will spell it and start: Juliet – Oscar – Hotel – November – November – Yankee.
    The reply will be then: What was the first one?

  4. Hermes|

    Instead, for airline staff I use foreign countries, as they are probably familiar with geography: B as in Bolivia, C as in China, etc.

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