Is the Capital One Venture & 10x Miles Promotion Worth It?

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Maybe you like the Capital One Venture Card because it earns 2x miles on every purchase. But, do you know about their 10x miles promotion? That’s right, you can earn 10 Venture miles on every hotel reservation when you book your stay If you’re flexible with how you book your hotel nights, this can be a valuable bonus.

Apply for the Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card

Apply for the Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card 10x points

Get 20% Back at With Your Venture Card

Although the advertised bonus is 10x Venture miles, you’re actually getting 20% back with the current promotion. Here’s how you get 20% back on every purchase:

If you purchase 10 nights at $100 each, you’ll pay $1,000 and earn 10,000 miles worth $100. With the rewards program, your free 11th night is the average cost of your first 10 nights. Since each night costs $100, your free night is worth $100.

In total, you get $200 in travel rewards for every $1,000 in purchases. Plus, this benefit is only available to Capital One Venture and VentureOne cardholders. 10x Points

When Does the 10x Miles Promotion End?

The 10x miles promotion runs from January 30, 2018, until January 31, 2020. During this timeframe, you will earn 10x miles instead of 2x miles on every purchase when you follow these steps:

Booking a stay through the regular website will only earn the standard 2x miles per dollar spent; always use your Venture Card during the 10x promotion to get 20% back. Not using your Venture Card will still give you credit towards the free night, but you won’t earn the 10x Venture miles.

There are a few additional stipulations with the bonus offer. Firstly, only U.S.-issued Venture products will earn the 10x bonus. Secondly, you must pay immediately with your Venture card and PayPal payments don’t count. Also, you can use a third-party booking portal like Ebates to get additional cash back.

After paying for your purchase, it can take up to two billing cycles for the 10x bonus to deposit into your account. 10x Points

Make sure you visit the special Venture page to earn the 10x bonus!

After selecting your destination, travel dates, and room size, you will see the same results as a standard search.

Why the 10x Bonus is Worth It

This promotion isn’t for everybody, but there’s a lot to like about it. So let’s look at how you can benefit from the 10x miles bonus!

Earn 10x Miles on All Hotel Brands

Another restriction with using a co-brand hotel credit card is that you only earn bonus miles for specific brands. For example, the Marriott credit cards don’t earn bonus miles on IHG stays and the IHG credit cards don’t earn bonus miles for Marriott stays.

Travelers who simply want to stay at the hotel with the most convenient location for the best price only want a hotel with good ratings, they don’t care about the brand as much.

With this 10x bonus, you earn bonus miles on the national loyalty programs and independent hotels. Now, you can book the hotel that’s best for you instead of being restricted to one loyalty program to get bonus miles.

Every 11th Night is Free

Whether or not you pay for a with your Capital One Venture doesn’t matter for this perk, but it’s something to keep in your back pocket. With, every 11th night is free!

Through January 31, 2020, each Venture purchase earns 10x miles and you also earn credit towards a free night. Paying with your Venture Card is how you get 20% back on every purchase.

Earn More Miles Than a Hotel Rewards Credit Card

The 10x miles promotion means you earn more miles than other hotel credit cards. Let’s look at these three hotel rewards credit cards that don’t earn 10x miles on hotel purchases:

So these cards might come with some additional loyalty benefits like upgraded membership status or even a free night certificate, but if you don’t stay at that brand on a regular basis, the hotel rewards aren’t worth it.

With the Capital One Venture Card, you can redeem your miles for any award travel.

10x Miles Earns More Than Other Flexible Travel Cards for Hotel Purchases

While this is only a temporary bonus promotion, the Capital One Venture technically earns the most miles on hotel purchases for any flexible travel rewards credit card. If you can find the hotels you want at, make sure you maximize this bonus.

The next best option is the American Express Platinum Card that earns 5x miles on hotels booked through

Your Venture Miles Are Always Worth the Same Amount

Most hotel rewards miles are notorious for being worth less than one cent each. For example, if you book a $150 room for 20,000 miles, each mile is only worth .7 cents each.

If you book the same room with Venture miles, you will only pay 15,000 miles. This is because each Venture mile is always worth one cent each.

Chase Sapphire vs. Capital One Venture comparison

When You Shouldn’t Use the 10x Miles Promotion

This bonus isn’t for everybody. Even with the 10x miles bonus, you might enjoy booking your hotels with other credit cards that offer more transfer partners.

You Want More Transfer Partners

The most glaring downside of the Capital One Venture is that it doesn’t have a variety of transfer partners like the Chase Sapphire Preferred does. Both cards have the same annual fee, but the Sapphire Preferred only earns 2x points on travel purchases.

Even though you won’t earn as many points with the Sapphire Preferred, you have the option of transferring your points on a 1:1 basis to airline and hotel travel partners like Hyatt, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines. By transferring your points, you can make them worth at least 2 cents each in many cases.

If hotel purchases aren’t a large part of your travel spending, you won’t miss much from the promotion. Yes, it’s nice to earn 10x miles on hotel spending, but it’s not essential.

You’re Loyal to a Single Hotel Loyalty Program

If you’re loyal to a particular hotel loyalty brand, it can still be better to book directly through the hotel. Even if your hotel credit card doesn’t earn 10x per dollar spent, you’re still earning loyalty points or miles that you can redeem for free nights in the future. And, each stay counts as a credit to upgrade your loyalty membership tier.

Some hotel loyalty programs like Marriott and Hilton don’t offer elite stay credits when you book from a third-party booking site.

Summary of the Venture & 10x Miles Promo

It’s not every day that you get 20% back on hotel purchases. If you’re not loyal to a certain brand and you can redeem your Venture miles for award travel, this is an excellent promotion to get free hotel nights sooner. You have until January 2020 to get 20% back on every purchases.

Apply for the Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card

Apply for the Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card 

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Is the Capital One Venture & 10x Miles Promotion Worth It?
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