How To Avoid Bank of America’s International ATM Fees

It’s always smart to check with your bank to see if they have any international partners so you can get the withdrawal fee waived (usually $5). For example, I use Bank of America and their foreign partners are: Barclays (United Kingdom), BNL Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro (Italy), BNP Paribas (France), Deutsche Bank (Germany), Santander Serfin (Mexico), Scotiabank (Canada and the Caribbean) and Westpac (Australia & New Zealand). Here’s the link to Bank of America’s ATM finder (and click International locations)

They also have arrangements to use your debit or ATM cards in China at China Construction Bank ATMs (China Construction Bank ATMs in Hong Kong are not included) and in Mexico at Banco Santander with no ATM Operator Fees or Non-Bank of America International ATM fees.

What’s your best money saving tip for international travel?

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  1. Do you know any Russian partner?

  2. Capital One does not charge a foreign transaction charge on anything overseas. Cards like Visa and Amex charge 2-4%. And you get points. As a tour guide this saves a lot of cash.

  3. BofA debit cards do not have chip and pin technology. Will I be able to use my debit card at a BNP Paribas ATM in Paris?

  4. As a Bof A customer in the US, can I use a Barclay’s or BNP bank anywhere in Europe and avoid fees or only Barclays in the UK or BNP in France to avoid fees? I am going to Greece. Thanks

  5. Anonymous says:

    Does BoA have any partners in Turkey?

  6. Anonymous says:

    any BOA in Panama city, Panama or partner

  7. Anonymous says:

    Do you of any partners in Latvia, or if it’s possible to use ATM’s in LAtvia?

  8. Best way to open bank account in New Zealand? Will be travelling there in a few months for a year. Does Westpac partner with BofA?

    • Johnny Jet Johnny Jet says:

      Good for you! I’m not sure so best to call

    • I contacted Westpac NZ before I went there, and they let me open an account when I arrived. I deposited US cash to open it, then I wired more funds into that NZD account from my USD account in US. They also partner with BofA if you want to use your BofA debit card in the NZ ATMs. You might also save on the currency conversion fees by using to do the transfer to NZ account. XE sometimes has better conversion rates than Westpac.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Pls can are use my debit here Italy

  10. Sorry to say … the rules have changed as of the 8th of this month. Expats in Mexico are dumping BoA by the bunch. 3%+$5+ATM fee is way too much for real Expats

  11. I believe Mexico and Santander recently lost partnership…. I’m now getting charged a PERCENTAGE!!!! Taking out 178US cost me over 8US DOLLARS… Not happy

  12. They are still partners, but as sparks indicates the BoA rules have changed. Unfortunately I have no idea what the next best card / bank would be to avoid fees.

  13. Scotiabank is supposed to be a BofA partner yet, they’re charging me 3% of the amount I withdraw!!! This is madness! $600 US would cost me $18 and since I’m in Barbados, that’s $36. I’m done with them! It used to be if you get dir dep Soc Sec there’s no charge. Not anymore! Robbery!

  14. Even though my BofA card is just a debit card there is at least a 3% foreign currency conversion charge when paying for things. Capital One, some Amex cards, have a zero currency conversion fee. As for ATM’s, I use Ally Bank as zero fee.

  15. Daisy Wong says:

    Where can I use my Bank of America debit card to withdrawl cash in Hong Kong

  16. can you make a deposit at a Bank of America ATM in Diano Marina Italy?

  17. Sorry, guys. They did change. Now they charge 3% even if it is a partner atm. Info here:

    I hope someone finds a better option for international withdrawals and posts it here.

  18. Bank of America is such a rip off, scam, tax payer swindling operation it makes me sick. 3% of every dollar withdrawn at Deutsche Bank!

  19. Mike Young says:

    It’s the same with Westpac in Australia, they started charging a transaction fee. NOT HAPPY, what a rip off

  20. Juan Diaz says:

    Friends. I think I might have found a solution. I just opened an online account with CapitaOne360. They give me acces to the huge allpoint ATM network all around the world, supposed to be no fees. Waiting for the Account to be confirmed, I will keep everybody posted when I am sure it works.

    • Hello again everybody. I am writing to confirm that there are no fees on Allpoint ATM’s when using your capital one 360 card in the UK (Allpoint ATM network is available in: Australia, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and UK). Here is the link to the website:
      Just a heads up, it is very important when withdrawing money that you do the transaction in local currency. The machine will ask if you want to do it in USD. Choose to do it without the conversion (In my case it was pounds). It’s a scam if you do it in USD. I didn’t know and ended up paying almost 10% more the first time. (Only withdrew a small amount, I was testing the rate first). Here is the link to open an account in Capital One:
      I did everything online, I am currently in London, so I had the card sent to me from home.
      I hope this post helps, it has been a long journey for me to find a solution.

  21. Hi! I can confirm, there are NO charges/fees for international transactions or ATM withdrawals (from ALL POINT NETWORK ATMS’s) with a Capital 360 Checking account. I had been a BofA customer for 14 years and just switched. I travel frequently and refused to get charged a 3% currency exchange fee every time I withdrew my own money from a partner bank in the UK. Ask for Jeff Mitchell when you call Capital One 360 – he was AMAZING!! (Currently they are offering a $50 bonus when you use your debit card three times in 45 days. Yes, please!)

  22. My friend told me Charles Schwab bank’s ATM card will refund you any ATM transaction fee charged. I applied one for my spring Europe travel.

  23. duy nguyen says:

    HI! i will be traveling to paris this june 1st-august 1st. Since BNP paribas is partners with BOA, i can just bring my debit card along with me, and just find a local BNP bank or atm and just pay a 3% fee with that exacty card? I dont mind paying 3% fee rate which is nothing compared to the idea of converting 1800 USD with BOA in the states and only getting about 1000-1100 euros….

  24. I am going to receive a check from the UK for 100 pounds. I am having a hard time trying to get it exchanged for US dollars. I have a Bank of America account and read that Barclays (UK) has an agreement with them for a non-fee exchange for pounds for dollars. Can I take a British check in pounds to my BOA branch and get it exchanged for dollars? And would there be a fee for this exchange? Another bank said it would cost $35 to exchange the check. What is the best and cheapest way to make the exchange?

  25. Thanks, JohnnyJet, for your quick response and information. It is really appreciated. Today i’m going to my BOA branch and ask them about the exchange of pounds for dollars, backed up, of course, with your valued response to my question. Thanks again for your help.

  26. I went to my BOA branch and asked about the exchange and their response was: bring the check in and we will exchange the British currency for dollars–which takes a little time–and then deposit it in your account. There was no mention of exchange fees. The bank manager didn’t mention Barclays UK at all. I was wondering if I should ask the UK company that’s forwarding the money if they have a Barclays account so they can send it directly to my BOA account? Does that make sense, and is it a fair question to ask them? Thanks again, in advance, for your help.

  27. Christelle kenmogne says:

    Do you have partneŕs bank on Cameron?

  28. If Santander (Mexico) its a partner, also Santander (Spain) should be?

  29. Charlie says:

    Does BOA affiliate with any banks in Japan and Macau? Do you have a list of all BOA affiliate banks globally?

  30. Hi, But in Mexico even if you dont pay the fee for using the Bank Santander, BofA still charges the 3% for international transactions?

  31. If you buy euros from BOA in the states they tack on 5%.

  32. I’m curious, if I have a bank of america account, and I withdrawal from scotiabank in Peru (which is an affiliate of BofA), will I still be charged the 3% conversion fee even if I am withdrawing in dollars and not the peruvian currency?

  33. hello there, I used my Canadian Scotia bank card at a ATM in America and I was surprised at the result. I withdrew 180 American and my bank statement said I took out 214 dollars, is that just exchange rate? Or is that not suppose to happen?

  34. I been happy with BofA until they removed their : Safe Send program (sending money to Mex with out a fee) and now they are charging me a ridiculous 3% to use my money internationally; if I use my debit card or take money out of a Santander bank in Mex. If I were to take money out of another atm they penalize you with an additional $5 usd !! I defiantly changing banks soon to Capital One or something else.. does anyone have more reviews about using Capital One out of the country and how accessible atm are?

  35. Does BofA have a partner bank in Austria?
    If I go to use any ATM while I’m there, does it work the same way as it does in the U.S.
    where you can withdraw money from any ATM even if it’s not your bank’s ATM or
    Is it different?

    Thank you!!!

  36. Hi,
    I want to use my Bank of America debit card in Australia at Westpac ATMs.
    Has anyone done this recently? I think Bank of America will deduct 3% of the US amount, but I won’t pay an ATM use fee and I will get that days conversion rate. Is this correct?

  37. My big thing is this. I withdraw from ScotiaBank here in Canada and I always get charged fees after withdrawing. Referring to BoA’s FAQ’s, since I’m using their partner, I should get no fees charged after this. I wonder if they’d reimburse me. I just found out they’re not supposed to charge me so it’s a lot in fees.

  38. Carry notes if you can. Withdrew in Brazil and payed three different service fees. Made the whole thing useless.

  39. Does Bank of America have any partners in Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia

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