The Marco Island Marriott Offers Free Freeze Pops by the Pool

Marco Island Marriott Jan 2013 -077I’m on a press trip to the Marco Island Marriott in Southwest Florida. The hotel is large, with 727 rooms and is a great place to stay. They recently completed a $225 million renovation and redesign that has given the property a Balinese-style look and feel. But what really caught my attention? The simplest and most inexpensive amenity I’ve ever seen. Between 1:30pm and 3pm each day, the pool attendant walks around the two massive pools and offers ‘Delights!’ Growing up, I knew them as Freeze Pops or Cool Pops. I loved them then and I love them now … just like every kid and adult sitting around the pool.

Marco Island Marriott Jan 2013 -073

If I owned or managed a hotel, I would be implementing this immediately.


Johnny Jet

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