Winner of Two Tickets on IcelandAir

Thank you to everyone who entered the IcelandAir contest over the past two weeks.


We’ve randomly selected a winner via and a HUGE congratulations goes out to…

Bill M. from Georgia!

We have a lot more contests just like this in the works. Next week we’ll be giving away round-trip tickets to somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere. Vague enough for you?

Watch the site and the newsletter for the announcement next Wednesday, and check out this week’s contest!

Team Johnny Jet

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Team Johnny Jet
Lanee Lee is a freelance travel writer/editor who lives for the quirky encounters, whether getting imprisoned by nuns in Puerto Rico, visiting Houston's beer can house, or seeing a holy man levitate in Rishikesh. As a tippling traveler, she believes immersion into local culture begins with the taste buds and a toast - from matcha to moonshine. Follow her latest voyage @wanderlushdiary.

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  1. Congrats Bill M…..Feel free to hand over tickets if you are unable to go :)!!!

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