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Cambodia money in Seim Reap airport

Be Ready to Pay
I know I should bring a water bottle to the airport, but unfortunately I don’t always remember to bring one with me. And so pretty much every time I fly, I make a mad dash to the newsstand store to buy a bottle of water. It seems that almost everyone in the store is in a hurry—except for two people: the cashier and the person in front of me, who always seems to be looking for their wallet/cash/credit card to pay.

This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Even though it takes only about 30 seconds to wait for the person in front of me, it feels like an eternity when I’m in a hurry. Don’t you think customers should start looking for their wallets while they’re standing in line rather than waiting until the cashier asks them for their money?



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9 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Be Ready to Pay"
  1. Shirley|

    I wish people EVERYWHERE did this. I am from the East Coast and now live in Minnesota. This is something I did not know bothered me so much until I moved to MN and found that cashiers make small talk with the customers and often go in slo-motion or even stop what they are doing to carry on a conversation with someone they don’t know from a hole in the wall even when there are 15 people waiting to be checked out.

  2. John|

    Could not agree more. What I now see even more of, is paying for even the smallest purchases with debit cards, which slows down the transaction even more. Come on folks carry a couple of dollars to pay for small purchases.

  3. Michael FM.|

    I thought I was the only one that was bothered by this (at least I feel like it sometimes from the stares I get waiting in line), it happens everywhere I seem to go these days, no one seems to think anyone else might have somewhere to go/be, not only did I laugh out loud when I read this, I said “exactly” out loud while I pointed at my computer screen. I love this site, keep up the good work, rock on brother!

  4. Christine|

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Have your money or credit card ready!

  5. A J|

    as a former field service tech i learned to get to the airport early and use the time to wind down! 2 hours should take care of chatty salespersons slow travelers etc!

  6. Ray|

    Couldn’t agree more, it’s infuriating. A bit like being in the line at a fast food restaurant. The ” menus ” are on display everywhere, in the window, on the walls and above the cashiers … but only when the ” guest ” gets to the desk do they think about what they want to eat !

  7. Diane|

    I completely agree, and also, on a similar topic – people getting on buses, knowing they will need their pass or ticket, keep others behind them outside the door while they search their purses or pockets trying to find the fare.

  8. Lee-Ann|

    No, JOHNNYJET,I haven’t been in that position. It would have really bugged me, too. But I am one of those people who rushes into the airport, waits in line doing nothing except untying my shoes, gets to the TSA desk and still has a FULL water bottle. I turned over a new leaf on my last trip and simply packed an empty water bottle in my personal bag and filled it with water right after I tied my shoes. Now that was pretty smooth!

  9. Lee-Ann|

    And to Shirley, your comments cracked me up for several minutes. Ha! Hopefully, you will come to appreciate the charm of the people in Minnesota. I’ll bet they really do care about complete strangers. :)

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