When I shop around for hotels/car rentals, I don’t think there is any better place than Priceline. But keep in mind when you use their Name Your Own Price feature, you can’t cancel. Before I make a blind bid I log on to to see what other people’s luck was with their bids. It shows how much people paid for which dates and will give you a pretty good idea of which hotel you will end up with.

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7 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day:"
  1. Barb|

    Excellent travel tip.. Use Priceline all the time combined with Bidding for Travel. Can’t be beat!

  2. Cynthia Anderson|

    I use biddingfortravel quite frequently. It is a great help with bidding….

  3. Alec Barron|

    BiddingForTravel + BiddingTraveler are a match made in heaven. (Link: )

    BiddingTraveler is a handy tool that optimizes your bidding strategy and coaches you along the way.

    I typically browse BiddingForTravel or BetterBidding first to see how other people did, and then actually run my bids through BiddingTraveler.

  4. Gina|

    Heaven help you if you purchase tickets and car rentals through Priceline. The price is great BUT you pay immediately and if you have to make any change at all, you are stuck. I bought a plane flight thinking on a 24 hour clock and so ended up punching in an evening flight and car rental when what I meant was a morning flight. Consequently when I realized I had erred,I had to reschedule through the airline and pay a penalty that was nearly the price of a new ticket. The car rental may be a total loss. Priceline referred me to Hertz and Hertz said they couldn’t change anything because Priceline wouldn’t pay them until after I took the car as arranged, but maybe if I just show up, they might have a car I could arrange to pick up early .And if not, I will be in a strange airport trying to get a rental car. . . All this after hours on the phone to Indian call centers where nobody,even the supervisors, can do anything but follow the script. I’ll never use Priceline again. I don’t consider that kind of treatment a bargain.

  5. Felicia|

    I have been using this website in conjunction with priceline for years to rent cars and get AMAZING deals on hotels.

  6. Carrie|

    Betterbidding is WAY better-it has more listings and is more up to date

  7. Susan4|

    Until the tipping point, when another site has more posts on winning bids, biddingfortravel is the place to go.
    But bidding on Priceline used to be easier when Biddingfortravel was more popular. Many people are not fans (to put it mildly!) of the owner/moderator of the site. Used to be able to not only predict pretty accurately what hotels you might win but also reviews of those hotels for Priceline customers. For example, info like how Priceline customers were treated, what rooms they were given (not yet remodeled, 1 double bed, etc), cost and availability of upgrades at check-in, and other useful information. That info often influenced my bidding strategy. Most of these reviews are now very old, 5 years or more, so essentially useless.

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