Note passingCareful What You Say!
Have you seen this story from earlier today? It involves note-passing on a plane, tweeting from 30,000 feet and a surprise ending, and there’s a lesson in it (as one of my Facebook readers pointed out): Be careful what you do and say on a flight because you never know who is watching, listening, videotaping, or tweeting!



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5 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Careful What You Say!"
  1. Gretchen|

    This was the most hilarious read I have had in a long time. Yes, there are ALWAYS people on a flight who will NOT shut up. Buying them a drink is a great idea. Not sure about the accompanying note, but might be worth a try.

  2. Laura|

    I think the dude escalated the entire situation. He sounds like a self-absorbed a-hole. In fact, both of the protagonists in this farce acted liked idiots. It sounds like there weren’t any adults in the room…. kindergarten anyone? It could have gotten violent, though, so I don’t find this story funny or amusing….

  3. Anonymous|

    Yes be careful what you say but sometimes advisable to understand some background before taking a “stand” — turns out this seemingly “obnoxious” lady had stage 4 lung cancer and was trying to get to her family to spend her last Thanksgiving with them. It’s understandable then the stress she must have been going through.

  4. thepixinator|

    I agree with Laura. The first time someone told me to bite their di*k I would have started WWIII. I’ve heard people like the ‘obnoxious lady’ and they can be supremely annoying, but starting a confrontation on an airplane is stupid and immature. I’ve posted a picture of a grown woman in a leopard print onesie, taken in the first class lounge of a rail station, on facebook, and it was hilarious. But I NEVER would have approached her. His first two or three tweets were slightly funny, and then he turned into a complete and utter di*k himself.

  5. G Mayes|

    I still think it was hilarious. just because you have a terminal illnes does not give you license to make the rest of the world miserable. We ALL have our trials and tribulations. Most of us don’t inflict our pain on others. Just today I was subjected to a “seat-mate” who was incredibly LOUD talking on his cell phone. After the call, he looked at me and said, “Am I LOUD?” My reply was “YES”. His reply ” I have a hearing problem” My reply ” Most of us around you do not. . .” His reply ” I think I have sat next to you on another flight”. My reply, “Probably-my looks are very generic”. . . LOL

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