DoorsDon’t Slam the Door
Be conscious of your neighbors in a hotel or on a cruise ship and make sure not to slam your room or balcony door. Instead, close it gently to keep the noise to a minimum. It just takes a little bit of effort to be a more considerate traveler.



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16 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Don't Slam the Door"
  1. billy|

    This is a big one! I cannot count the number of times our rest or evening was interrupted by rude and inconsiderate guests, even at the Grand Bohemian in Asheville! I wish hotels would put a placard or something similar on the doors and on the bathroom walls!

  2. Russ Sharer|

    Also, watch out for the volume of television or music. I was in a hotel two weeks ago where the guy next door had his (or her) television blaring until nearly midnight.

    1. Johnny Jet
      Johnny Jet|

      Good one!

      1. Susan L|

        At home I use felt bumpers on the door frames. Helps ALOT. Perhaps the hotels could use something similar??

  3. Anonymous|

    One would think the “Don’t Slam the Door” tip would be a silly and frivolous tip but, NO! It constantly astonishes us how many so-called travelers, even those wealthy and upscale, are oblivious to others around them and just slam doors at will. Thanks for publishing this reminder.

  4. Betsy|

    This is one of my biggest pet peves. One would not do this at home; why do they do it in hotels?

  5. Betsy|

    By the way, love all your daily tips

  6. docreport|

    That’s pet peeve número uno. I’ve come so close to poking my head out into a hallway and giving someone a piece of my mind ;-)

  7. Suzanne Fluhr (Boomeresque)|

    And “Why are you yelling in the hall!?!?!?”

  8. Nancy Reid|

    Ask that your room not be near an elevator to minimize noise.

  9. Irene Holan|

    Yes. Have a little respect for others, especially when they are sleeping. Thank you.

  10. Sandy C|

    I totally agree and would add that people should also be conscious of how loudly they are speaking in the hallways of hotels/cruise ships or on balconies of cruise ships. Just because you are up early or late doesn’t mean that everyone else is too.

  11. Anonymous|

    On one past cruise we had grandparents with a cute little grand daughter who they equipped with a pair of rubber shoes that squeaked like a rubber doll with each step as she marched up and down the corridor. What an annoyance!

  12. JazzSinger|

    We live in the “it’s all about me” society. Very few people care at all about how their actions impact others.

  13. Anonymous|

    Spot on! I think the hotels could do more to muffle the noise by using padded bumpers on the doors. We’ve done this in our own house on all the doors and cabinets. What really drives me up the wall is when it’s the maids making all the noise early in the morning. I get the feeling they want to get me out of my room by 9:30 so they can clean up and go home.

  14. Ria|

    Biggest reasons I opt for B&B whenever possible…avoid noisey hotels and indulged children. Most hotels have not been very attentive to the slamming door issue but one great little hotel I stayed in recently, Museum Art Hotel in Wellington. NZ, has door closers that softly shut them without noise! Nary a sound…lovely peace!

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